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 BIS module 1 picture

 BIS module

Drager - REF: DRA--174

"Now there is a simple and accurate to measure the effect of sedation in the patient environment. The supply unit incorporates...

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 Continuous Cardiac Output module PiCCO2 1 picture

 Continuous Cardiac Output module PiCCO2

Drager - REF: DRA--169

Provides information Cardiac Output, 2 temperatures and 2 or 4 (depending on model) invasive pressures. Includes electronic viewfinders...

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 EEG module 1 picture

 EEG module

Drager - REF: DRA--172

Increase neurological monitoring capabilities of the system Infinity patient monitoring. 4 input channels EEG. Differential mode (9...

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 Module tCO2 / TcpO2 1 picture

 Module tCO2 / TcpO2

Drager - REF: DRA--176

transcutaneous measurement of the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in peripheral tissues of the patient? an essential...

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 Multimed 12 1 picture

 Multimed 12

Drager - REF: DRA--168

12-lead ECG diagnostic quality. it acting as electrocardiograph is printed the printer of the center and can be stored...

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 NMT Neuromuscular relaxation modulus 1 picture

 NMT Neuromuscular relaxation modulus

Drager - REF: DRA--173

TridentTM provides a simple and accurate way to measure the level of muscle relaxation of patients who are under the influence of...

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CNAP module for non-invasive measurement of pressure continuously 1 picture

CNAP module for non-invasive measurement of pressure continuously

Drager - REF: DRA--175

CNAP allows non-invasive measurement of pressure continuously. Data showing average diastolic not invasive systolic and along with a...

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Module thermodilution Cardiac Output 1 picture

Module thermodilution Cardiac Output

Drager - REF: DRA--170

HemoPods: Hemodynamic Organizer that through the connection cable to the monitor provides information Cardiac Output, 2 temperatures and...

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Pod EtCO2 End Tidal CO2 Module 1 picture

Pod EtCO2 End Tidal CO2 Module

Drager - REF: DRA--171

Capabilities lateral flow measurement and direct flow. Compensation gas anestésico.Tecnología nondispersive infrared double curve....

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