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about us

Africa Supply is a Spanish purchase centre dedicated to providing African countries, both, capital equipment manufactured in Spain and all kinds of products from African countries.

We were born in 2006. Since then, we have participated in over 100 projects and we are suppliers of several of the 50 largest companies of the continent.

To manage our agent network and our wide catalogue, we have developed a unique platform,, which includes more than 20,000 references in more than 20 sectors of interest in Africa.

Our organization consists in following elements, fully managed from out platform:

Suppliers, manufacturers and producers. They have been carefully selected by our purchasing agents. Best prices are negotiated with them previously to offer to our clients the best relation quality-price.

Purchasing agents, in charge of the selection of the best suppliers in each country. We work with professionals of every field, attending their experience and knowledge, in every industry sector.

Commercial agents, in charge of searching the best opportunities and present our products to every client, sector and country. These agents are also selected by us, regarding their introduction into market and knowledge of every field.

Logistics agents, in charge of looking for the best freight, updating them into our platform and organizing each transport.

Our entire network is coordinated from our office in Madrid, through our platform Africa Supply 2.0, developed by our company.

This complex structure allows us to provide a quick and competitive quotation to each customer in each country, with the following advantages:

Personalized service, our customers are personally looked after by our local agents.

Very fast and competitive quotes of full projects with transportation included

Saving negotiation time, with a single interlocutor for many different products with prices already negotiated by a specialist in each field.

Saving logistics costs, integrating a diversity of products in a single shipment.

Access to a large catalogue of local producers,from nearby countries, or equipment with the guarantee of the Spanish industry, the most competitive country in Europe.

We also encourage the African production that will be included in a new specialised platform.

After sales service and delivery of spare parts.

Specialized consulting through our purchasing agents

We are the best supply option for companies and public institutions. Also we offer a great opportunity for African companies interested in the promotion of their products around the world.

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