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In Madrid, our project department that includes engineers and technicians study turnkey projects in many sectors.

We guarantee a very significant savings because following competitive advantages:

We are distributors for many manufacturers. This allows us to have agreed discounts and rates.

Our network of local agents allows us to have local prices for works, equipment rentals, hotels, customs etc.

We have negotiated rates with carriers, allowing us to be very competitive in maritime freight and inland transportation.

For entrepreneurs and local businesses

Our mission is to help local entrepreneurs to start up their business in the best conditions. Our team is ready to help you to develop any business idea.

If you are involved in some kind of commerce business or if your business is to produce any good or service, we can help to you. In the first case, we can put you in contact with suitable suppliers and we can coordinate the purchases, delivery transportation and payment. In the second we can advise and give the necessary know how, and provide equipment and consumables that your business will need.

For contractors

Working with us your company will increase its capacity to present to more tenders successfully.

If your company is not established into the country, we can provide you local support, as local prices, workers, houses machinery etc.

If you are an established company in the African country, we can bring specialized staff to make the required installation if required.

For governments

The combination of our  knowledge of local needs and requirements and the network we represent allow us to offer to governments a consulting service that include market analysis and searching of companies and services in all sectors that could be interesting for public institutions.

Our firm advises governments about innovative solutions, intermediates with companies of all kinds, organizing visits to factories and providing facilities.

Each month we publish the magazine business development "Africa Dreaming" with all kinds of initiatives of interest to businesses and public institutions.

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