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This trading platform has been created after several years of experience working with African companies. Our purpose is to create a positive impact on African companies, providing the most appropriate technology in each case for their development, and marketing their products in the rest of the world. In this way our own technology customers become our best suppliers.

We do not think that companies in this region of the world face different problems than in other regions, but some of them are more important and different solutions may be required. That is why our platform implements some tools that make it unique because it has been conceived from this perspective. Most of these tools are not visible, so they are tools specifically for suppliers, purchasing agents, commercial agents, clients, logistic operators, investors and public institutions. Let's see a summary of some characteristics:

Regarding the suppliers:


Both, technology manufacturers, usually in Europe, and our suppliers in African countries, are selected and advised by a network of purchasing agents. These agents are specialized technicians in each sector, their role is very important, with following functions:


- Selection and certification of each supplier and each product that we commercialize.


- Assistance to African producers, in case they do not have previous experience in the use of internet, in the digitalization of their products, export processes, quality assurance, modernization of facilities and marketing strategies.


- Evaluation of African companies in order to provide information to potential investors.
 The purchasing agents have a specific panel on our platform to perform all these operations and verify the activities carried out by the assigned suppliers.


 Regarding the products, our platform offers two types:


- Technology of all kinds, carefully selected, for the African market. It is robust material or equipment, with an excellent price quality ratio and coming from certified manufacturers by our purchasing agents. This equipment can be both, new and refurbished

- "Made in Africa" ​​products, fully prepared for export from selected producers and certified by our purchasing agents, through whom there is direct and continuous contact.


Regarding our customers:


The relationship with our customers is totally personalized. We have a network of commercial agents, usually specialized companies in each sector, which allow us to advise the client and establish an essential relationship of trust, both for the type of product and the markets in which we work.


This relationship, however, is not in contrast to a fast and efficient service. We have equipped our platform with tools at the service of the agent to offer a unique customer experience:


- An updated database of all our products with characteristics of all of them and updated prices (only accessible to agents)


- A freight calculator, with updated rates from the shipping companies, including the intra-African shipping companies. These are introduced through a specific panel for logistics operators.


- A generator of proformas, which allows our agents to provide firm offers, immediately, of all our products, with the freight included to and from any of the ports in which we work.


- A catalog generator that allows agents to create their own personalized catalogs and offer the client a wide range of possibilities, in four languages.


Our platform feeds on all the information that all the actors with access to it, suppliers, purchasing agents, sales agents, customers and logistics agents introduce. The objective is to create an information base that can serve not only for African companies to better buy and sell but also to obtain the necessary information to search for investors.


These elements make our platform a tool, today, of great interest to the African companies in the following sectors:


- Infrastructure construction. Sector in which we have been working since 2006, having worked in many projects, housing, airports, hospitals, schools, roads, ports. We also have a very interesting selection of civil engineering machinery totally revised by our mechanics


- Industrial sector, we are incorporating a catalog of liquidation of industrial equipment in very interesting conditions.


- Farmers, ranchers and fisheries. We are also in this area, incorporating a catalog of both new and second-hand equipment, as well as agricultural machinery from the Spanish market.


- Services sector, hotel equipment, with a catalog of more than 5000 products, hospitals (2000 items), banking (representing one of the largest ATM refurbishing companies in the Spanish market.) We have supplied a very important part of the ATMs in countries such Madagascar and Cape Verde.

- Energy, water treatment and the environment: In this sector, for which we already have a large catalog of photovoltaic and water treatment, from one of the leading companies in Spain, we want to incorporate technology for electric mobility.



In addition to the described tools already available, others are being developed that incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, which will serve to give new possibilities to companies and to investors and public institutions:


- Control panel for investors, with evaluation of companies interested in seeking investment, based on performed operations, parameters collected by purchasing agents, products, location, etc.


- Tool for quotation of engineering projects, with product classifier based on deep learning.


- Tool for quotation of UN agency projects, with automatic classification of products from our database according to the UNSPSC standard. Our company is a qualified supplier in 21 UN agencies.


- Tool for recommending commodity prices.


- Open data production tool.


- Tools for training. We want to incorporate specialized training tools for our agents to obtain free or almost free training in fields that allow them to improve the advice to producers and customers.

Thanks for trusting us


Fernando Cañavate Vega



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