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REF: INF-CF001-5 Information Technology Strategy,s.l.

Product description


internal locking system: Rope

Certificate: CEN4

Fireproof, small and manageable.

hinges Opening: A left

safes are prepared for anchoring to the ground or to a base. Such anchoring is done by inserting a chemical block to the holes previously made in the ground and placing them threaded rod. The chemical block is a substance mixture that two chemical components harden upon contact mass being fixed permanently.

Inside boxes placed all different supports as shelves is possible and all come prepared with two safety locks. Mechanical (keys) and Electronics

We have 2 models key lock: Lagard and SG (Both of equal performance .

Possibility of changing set of keys at any time)

We have 2 models electronic lock: ComboGard and SG

- The ComboGard is customizable by the programmer (not included). Supplied with standard combination 10 minutes delay. The combination is interchangeable at any time. Their diet is housed in the safe and the opening / closing is executed by rotating the keypad.

- The SG without programmer selects the delay time we want to have (even once). The combination is also interchangeable at any time. Its supply is external, being housed in the keyboard. The closure is executed by turning the key (to close the lock keys).

Both safes rope as those with glass, have a locking system incase be forced to open them. In both cases, possess a number of informers that breaking the rope or glass, jumping to stay between pestillería leaving is blocked.

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